Used to it

by kevin Boundy AKA the ghost   Mar 31, 2011

How does it feel under the weight?
while acid rain percipitates
i see gods planning my demise
wish i could participate
cuz i did all i could to be
somethin worth becoming
surpassin all expectations
now a hundred miles and runnin
but the hurdles are gettn taller
and the track is gettin smaller
learned life never cuts you slack
call me da school of hardnox scholar
tried my absolute best
to keep everyone smiling
now i'm left alone and broken
all the pain continues piling
on top of me
but still i know its never stoppin me
cuz after all the things i've seen
pain just aint a shock to me
scar tissue made my heart stronger
gained from all the abuse to it
after people leave you for dead
trust me.. you get used to it


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