Visit My Grave

by Goran Rahim   Feb 17, 2012

When I die,
I know
You will not show up in my funeral.
Whenever you miss me,
Please take out my written journal.

When I die,
You experience some grief.
That is why I will leave you
My poems,
They will give you some relieve.

After me,
Please keep your smile,
Please be the same.
If you ever forget my love,
Please remember my name.

I know
You will not be in my funeral,
You will say "who cares."
In a corner of your room,
You will shed some tears.

Don't feel guilty,
For the times You hurt me,
I have already forgave you.
Please do the same for me,
For the times
I have bothered you.

Whenever you feel down,
Thinking the life is so tough.
Don't forget,
For you,
My dead heart is still full of love.

When I die,
Don't cry, please be brave.
I know you will not come to my funeral,
But, please visit my grave.


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  • 9 years ago

    by mandy

    The feeling of love - so strong. A beautifully written and sad poem, 5/5.

    mandy :)