by ---AL---   Feb 21, 2012

BEFORE YOU READ THIS POEM: I was bored and decided to see what I can up with in 10 minutes. I set the timer and this is what I ended up with... Try the challenge - you might surprise yourself - I did!

Knocking on this glass
It's lonely and it's cold
It can only be a prison
When the glass is more like ice
It's chilling to the bone
Yet burning my insides
Don't worry I'm alone
But I see you through the ice
Bathing in the sun
I hope you have your fun
So soon it will be done
As this is not thick ice
It's four of a kind
One Mirror on each side
Showing me the past
And all that is gone
A little boy with smiles
Living back a page
So hurry on and play
As this cold and icy cage
Will be your only way


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