by ---AL---   Aug 20, 2014

[B] Walking With Stones [B]

As is a knight without his foal,
Our lives are void without a goal,
We often feel so bland and stale,
Persevering to just prevail,
Like drinking water every day,
We've ceased to live beyond our way.

[B] Walking With Wings [B]

If only we could break the mould;
To sin against the things we're told;
To run and laugh; become alive;
To do much more than just survive.
I beg for us to try much more;
To find something we're happy for.
Let's find a way to make this real,
and Never forgot how joy can feel.
Let's not complain and not just do,
Now Spread your wings and Live right through.

When you wake up tomorrow and take your first step, how far will you go?


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