A Farmer's Tale

by ---AL---   Mar 7, 2022

My dad was a warrior, the toughest man I have ever known. Whenever I finish a hard day’s work - I will remember him because he taught me to take pride in working hard. Whenever I laugh, hear a joke or pull of a prank I will remember him because he taught me to laugh even when it’s not appropriate to do so. I am going to miss him. This is the first poem I have written in a very long time but I hope it exemplifies the type man my father was - Here's to you dad:


There is a story for us to share,
Of a man so strong you can’t compare,
He had a spirit immense in size,
With hands of stone, and words quite wise.

His journey starts as just a lad,
But ends as a man who some call Dad,
And through those years he built and made,
Homes and houses or pranks well played.

He brought to nature such true love,
That we’ll fish and hunt in memory of,
Our husband & brother, father and friend,
Who joked with us from start to end,

But as it is with every tale,
Another chapter must prevail,
So with heavy hearts we let him go,
But in our thoughts, we’ll always know,
That Andy lives through you and me,
Always & forever in Memory.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Everlasting

    Thanks for sharing. Our dear ones keep living through us in our memories.

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