Missing the past

by aisyned   May 20, 2012

I miss the days, where we couldn't get enough.
Where we'd do anything, to always stay in touch.
Where nicknames existed, and we told each other everything,
Where that grey cloud didn't linger, and I love you didn't sting.
I miss the days I felt you were mine, like you trusted me with every notion,
now one wrong word, and it's a sudden explosion.
Where the gifts flowed in, because we thought about each other all the time,
We made it pretty clear, about the fact that I was yours and you were mine.
I miss being able to text you, when anything was wrong,
When i'd have to beg you on end, for you to write me a song.
I miss the days where I knew we were doing fine,
Now i'm not sure, because we stand so close to the finish line.
Yeah I miss the past,
But i'm happy we're somehow managing to last.©


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