Jennifers Suicide

by aisyned   May 20, 2012

Your words were cruel, so filled with hate.
There's always people judging , ready to rate.
Her skin was thick, not nearly enough,
No more she could take, yet you all thought bluff.
For every name, her breathing slows,
For every insults, bringing her to daily lows.
She was beautiful, you all just couldn't see.
She just didn't match up with society.
A rope to stop you, silence the taunts,
But though she's gone, her spirit haunts.
Haunts the girls who made her life hell,
Haunts the bystanders who just didn't have the nerve to tell.
Jennifers screams are finally heard through the silent cloud,
Her spirit is lifted through the bullying crowd.
Who are you, to judge her escape ?
Wouldn't you do the same if your mouth was always taped ?
If school was more than an inconvience , and a hell all its own.
Would you fight, or lay gracefully and die?
When not one of the millions care to listen to your cry ?
If you were Jennifer what would you do,
If with all the hate, you couldn't tell who loved you.
It's wrong and we know it,
But no one cares to show.
Picking on the smaller man, breaking down the great.
Sometimes the only resolution stands at heavens gates.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by aisyned

    Thank you and I will:)

  • 10 years ago

    by Eduardo Lazalde

    Well put together, if only the rest of the world wasn't as blind, then maybe the light of hope would shine, you should check out my stuff.