by aisyned   May 22, 2012

A heart disintegrated, as though it was never there at all,

Eyes lit with passion, now filled with a general hate that causes a colossal fall.

Love brings about the worst in people, a disheveled sort of state.

Your soul becomes weakened, with feelings of pain always ready to resonate.

You search and search, but never find what you seek,

Though you pretend to be strong, a part of you is forever weak .

How is something so beautiful, so ugly at the same time?

It's kind of like a disease, of the heart and of the mind.

Your emotions take control, and you become nostaligic,

and you find yourself suddenly rising as a cynic.

Love; a term used to destroy the beautiful and motivated,

the defense is unknown, because once you're hooked- you're captivated.

-D. Madden


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