Falling back together

by aisyned   May 20, 2012

I was sitting there, looking back, with the memories of you still racing through my mind,
I've tried to move on, tried to run, but nothing has helped, not even time.
and I've found joy in this misery, and I've found faith in this depression,
but I still haven't found a way to forget you, and my hearts in a bit of a recession.
The sunshine is dim, and the blue skies are slightly faded,
but I've made my way, though feeling slightly degraded.
There's a lesson in everything, and that belief has paved my way,
it's restored my strength, and helped me survive each and every day.
You've crossed my mind every now and then, and it still puts an ache into my heart,
but for now, things are falling back together, instead of still falling apart.
- D.Madden


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