2011 Flood

by aisyned   May 20, 2012

The rain pours down, like bullets hitting above,
Never has this house felt so small, clinging and grasping me, as a ball feels in a glove.
Something so beautiful, it aches and it kills,
there is no blood, just emotional spills.
The waves show its power, nothing beautiful can be tamed,
So the strongest creature alive, is by the water, maimed.
Crashing upon my memories, destroying all I've earned,
but from this experience, it's yet another lesson learned.
Place value on lives, not materialistic things,
because when the time comes, oh sweet karma sings.
Family is first, living and breathing,
because when the time comes, property is always the first to be leaving.
Oh God's showing fury, tears of anger flowing from his eyes,
that's the only logical reason, for a flood of this size.
Humanity has taken too much, time to learn its place and its weakness,
But at least I have my family, yes, we've survived this mess.
Wading through the water, holding hands with tears together,
Because property comes and goes, but family, that's forever.


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