Beckon my heart

by aisyned   May 20, 2012

I don't know if it's igneous or metamorphic, but baby, you rock.
The skies could darken, fire spitting through the sky,
and you'd be the last thing, that ever crossed my mind.
Baby I love you, with everything a girl could possess,
It may appear as crazy, or a little bit obsessed.
But baby I don't mind, I'm just ready to confess.
My thoughts pertain to you, my dreams contain your charm,
I've been on the guard so long, but baby I'm ready to disarm.
Your beautiful blue eyes, send a shiver down my spine,
It's such a joyful reminder, that i'm yours and you're mine.
I'll take the risk of being torn, weathered and tattered,
because when it comes to you, I don't mind being shattered.
I'm a force when i'm alone, but a movement when we're together,
We're the definition, of what's suppose to last forever
In my heart or in my mind, either way we were mean't to be,
So beckon my heart , baby it don't bother me.


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