Break Away

by Jad   Feb 13, 2013

We danced along the shores of temptation
but, loving out of deceit and lust,
how unbecoming are our souls
lined with stories that remain untold,
and so we must
break away to obtain salvation.

A gentle kiss and exchanging words
leads to shallow tears
poured for memories more than emotion,
accepting the sin we got in
and embodying that same fear.
That fear that was once so absurd.

So breakaway and take your venom
a victim of false affection
believing in a hoax
but you have learned to cloak
cloak that hurtful neglection
for a chance to hurt some.

Some like me...


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    Sounds like love is not taken seriously but just for the sake of having someone, have a good time and when realized that things are getting too serious decides to break off; which in turn truly hurts the other because the other has given his/her all for this love to bloom...its a sad and hurtful situation...take care.

  • 8 years ago

    by Sylvia

    This reads to me as a couple that may have regrets that a relationship has turned into more than mere hugs and kisses and they are having second thoughts and doubts as to whether it was right or not and perhaps they should stop it and return to just a friendship. Maybe one of the persons feels that the other is responsible for this and has ill feelings for the other because of that. One thing about being the reader is that you can make up stories based on the words you read and they may differ from what the writer intended but this gives lots of different meanings to your work. Well done Jad.