Your Promise

by Lemon   Apr 14, 2014

She wore your promise like a rose pinned to her breast
"He will come back to me" she'd tell her friends over
and over
As they looked at her pityingly

She would smile brightly at the people she passed in the street
But her smile was always artificial,
too wide, too bright
And the colour of her shiny pink lipstick matched that of the strawberry milkshake
That she would slurp as she sat in the cafe that you would take her to
when you said she'd been working too hard

But when the letter came telling her that you weren't coming home,
her plastic smile finally broke
And no amount of tissues could hold back the torrent that she'd been holding back
for so long

When the tears had finally subsided, from under soaked lashes,
She looked upon your picture where you stood so tall and proud in your uniform
A smile upon your face and the familiar sparkle in your eyes
and she whispered
"You lied"


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  • 8 years ago

    by Trinity Heart

    I love this poem because many women go through this every day and it's a sad way when that call or letter comes that says he's not coming home a true sad pieve but beautiful truly 5/5

  • 8 years ago

    by Beautiful Soul

    This poem- You started out with so many emotions. This women seems to be in such denial about her love coming back. In the very first stanza you get the feeling that this guy has left her for good. But the title tells youdifferently. I really like that in a poem bbecause it really gets you thinking about what happens next. It pulls you in and that's what you want. Anyways. This person seems to stay so strong in the next few stanzas. But in the third stanza that's really where you start to understand what is going on. His death and it hits the reader hard. And throws in a lil twist because it's unexpected. Anyway the ending is great because that's where you write the most emotion. The tears flowing and those last two words strike a cord in your heart. You feel sorrow for the girl. You just want to hug her. Beautiful and emotional write dear. :)