by Steph   Oct 5, 2015

You're drowning,
And very well-aware.
Salt water is splashing
In your eyes;
Shoving its way down your throat.

You're drowning,
And you wish someone
Would reach out and save you.
A lifeguard, a stranger,
A damned dog.

You're drowning,
But not really.
You're holding tightly
To the rail, and
You're not actually under water.
But explain this:

You're not drowning,
But you can't breathe
You can't see the light
Or gasp for air
Despite how hard
You kick your legs
And paddle your arms,
You're still being pulled


You have weights
In your pockets,
Around your ankles,
Strapped around your chest.
The pressure,
Making your heart
Feel close to bursting.

You're drowning.
You know you're drowning.
All signs point to such,
Without a doubt.

Will anyone hear your
Gasped cries for help?

You can only fight the current
For so long.

Hold on tight, Love.


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