by Mark Spencer   Dec 4, 2015

By Mark Spencer

The limit of man's five senses
Was studied and defined.
The measure of those senses are
As finite as his mind.

His reason only goes so far,
Before it hits a wall.
At comprehension's outer fringe,
He has no thought at all.

He's the center of his circle,
And the root of his tree.
The boundaries of these concepts,
Form his reality.

No further does his insight go,
Than understanding's brink.
Confronted with what goes beyond,
He cannot even think.

His universe is solitude,
For no one thinks like him.
He cannot take another soul
To his perception's rim.

And like so many, he forgets;
In this he's not alone.
His neighbor has a circle too,
The depths of which aren't known.

But there are those who often look,
With more objective eyes.
They will step outside their circle,
And try to empathize.

They see their neighbor's circle from
The outside looking in.
And if they fail to understand,
Then they will look again.

They accept the limitations
The circles symbolize.
For only through humility,
Can consciousness arise.

But those who stay within the realm
Of their reality,
Pursue no more than selfish goals;
They can't see you or me.

When you step outside the circles,
You use more than your eyes.
Your perceptions are evolving,
And loosening their ties.

But if you can't look past your walls,
Your limits are cheated.
By seeing just what you accept,
You will be defeated.

In this too, you are not alone.
That is the game we play.
You're the hero and the villain,
The hunter and the prey.

You are your own worst enemy,
And your greatest ally.
A wall can only stop the one,
Who THINKS that it's too high.

Perception dictates what is true,
When given the last word.
The mind that sees beyond the wall,
Can never be deterred!

It's up to you where your wall stops,
With circles large and small.
The mind that see infinity,
Cannot be all.


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  • 4 years ago

    by Em

    A very inspiring piece.


  • 5 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    A very thoughtful and clever piece, delivered with an excellent flow and rhyme.
    All the best,

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