Shadows of beauty

by Courtney Hough   Jan 11, 2017

There I stood,
entranced in the mirror.
Their perception of beauty,
my imperfections, my greatest fear.

I removed my clothes,
let down my hair.
gazing at my body,
brings great despair.

The world appears in my mirror,
gorgeous women who starts to speak.
"You could be beautiful,
just a few things to tweak."

I looked at the world,
the beauty she was.
she studied my face,
then looked to my bust.

"Let's start with the basics!"
She came through the glass,
standing beside me,
"it's time at last!"

She pulled out a knife,
cutting off half my waist.
as I started to cry she shushed,
"no fat! Not one trace!"

She grabbed the excess,
and put it in my chest.
puts her hands to her hips,
winking, "I'm impressed!"

She worked down my legs,
trimming them down too.
They became so small,
Who am I now...who?

I looked at the world,
and she began to change.
not beauty like before,
but becoming strange.

She came to my face,
a smile from her lips.
"Got to shape those cheeks,
like we did your hips!"

She was smearing on makeup,
and lengthening my hair.
she had me close my eyes,
"Wait right there."

You're almost ready,"
said the world, "now you belong."
I opened my eyes,
"No," I cried, "this is wrong."

Who was I now?
My body fragile and small.
"is this me?
I didn't recognize at all.

I stood there,
the world by my side.
Bringing my hands to my face,
and beginning to cry.

I looked at the world,
we both looked fake.
but she still smiled,
admiring this mistake.

As we looked in the mirror,
we bean to grow old.
buying into the lie,
the world cleverly sold.

and I bought it,
it led to my demise.
what people don't know,
the world is the devils disguise.

As we withered away,
we began to die.
"I see the cost of beauty now,
it's an unaffordable lie."


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  • 5 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    The world's perceptions of beauty irritate me more than anything. I have a nine year old daughter, and it scares the life out of me.

    Well written indeed.