Behind the Mask

by Kasie   Nov 20, 2017

Depression, well he's a beast,
He has a cold and deathly clutch.
He's married to Lady anxiety,
Together they're too much.

Their voices, they echo,
Throughout my scattered mind.
Telling me that I'm worthless,
That I'm a waste of time.

I look into the mirror,
Not knowing what I see.
Is this who I am?
Is this really me?

No one could ever love,
A girl with so much pain.
They wouldn't even try,
Cause there is nothing to gain

Their darkness surrounds me,
Clouding my head.
Am I losing my mind?
Or am I better off dead?

No I've got to fight!
And continue to move on.
But it's hard, you know.
To walk this path alone.

My heart pounds fast,
As I clutch my chest.
Lady Anxiety sets in,
I just need to rest.

I'm frozen in this place,
Lost within these walls.
Images, they swiftly race,
While on the ground I fall.

The beast takes his hold,
I'm smothered once again.
He tells me I am useless,
To just give up, give in.

Lady Anxiety, she scares me,
With her drowning charm.
I can't catch my breath,
With her, I'm left unarmed.

It's a constant battle,
A never ending war.
They make me feel insane,
And it's chilling to the core.

But, some days they are gone,
And leave me in suspense.
Of when they might return,
So I put up a strong defense.

I wear a smile to hide the pain,
And act so strong and tough.
But when they return to me,
My strength is not enough.

These demons are invisible,
So most people never see.
The struggle behind my mask,
Trying to fight, to just be free.

So I curl into my bed,
And hide beneath my sheets.
Until they leave me alone,
Because I am so weak.

They may have won the battle,
But the final war is mine.
I won't give in to them,
I won't give up this time.


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    I can really feel exactly how your struggles affect you Kasie which makes this a powerful write. Don't ever give up the fight, I believe it's a very gradual process.
    Also. Don't ever think you're unlovable! Your depression gives you depths and true empathy which add to your character, not take from it. :-) x

  • 3 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    I have always felt that anxiety and depression go hand in hand too frequently and they are indeed dreadful foes. However, they are not foes that cannot be beaten as your end suggests.

    Take care, Kasie and all the best as ever,


    • 3 years ago

      by Kasie

      Thank you, Ben.

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