Refuge At Wrong Places

by Joseph Boadi   Feb 14, 2018

Love was like an anchor tied to my feet
It drowned my soul and made me weak
So I thought, at least so it seemed
All hopes frayed all light deemed
So I set my wretched heart to dry
Until my tempest soul met your eye
I became deeply lost in loves domain
And resended on my decision not to love again
Your beauty was illuminating for all to see
Spread in verdant brilliancy
“Tell me now, and let me know”
Why you left your abode in heaven and came below
Because there is something precious about your aurora.
Your scent endearing with magnificence and flora
But why should I try again
With a definite possibility that this ode will turn into insufferable pain
Today I take my last chance on this path of love
As hopeful as a white dove
I do not know if the sins of my fathers
Engraves my soul with ill honors
But how do I give up when loneliness kills more than a bad lover.
The bad days at least will be shared with someone.
I do not have to sleep off in a chair
My lover will send me to bed at night
And share with me words of wisdom and songs of melody
In my warm heart I hoped for the best
And never expected the worst
But once more
At my climax came the deadliest.

This piece is a collaborative effort between Fafali Dina and myself.


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  • 6 years ago

    by CJ Maleney

    Simply brilliant you two.

    I think our members will totally love this as I do.


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