At Conflict With The Sun

by CJ Maleney   Nov 12, 2018

As I traverse from west to east already I see your waking.
You still hide behind the Pennines,
Those fells and peaks won't conceal you much longer.

And so you bust into the world,
Expecting all to marvel at your glory?
"Look at me I am the sun"
"Bask in my glow and be warmed by me"

I curse you as you blind me!

I do not marvel and I do not stare in awe of your beauty.
For beautiful you are,
Deadly so!
But no I do not marvel.

The moon has me now!

She is my light in the night, as I wrap darkness around me.
She sends me to sleep,
Gifts me dreams of beautiful things.

When those dreams twist,
She brings a coolness to soothe the burning.
A breeze to blow away the fog of mind.
A peace of not knowing anything.


You are the bringer of chaos and destruction.
Every morning you appear you bring a new tale of death.

Tales of earthquakes, tsunamis, famine.
Tales of murder and genocide,
Torture and rape.
The story of another young soul shot dead in the street.

How many have loved you too much only to be repaid in Melanoma?
How many die because you burn away the water.
Oh I know I need you and would perish without.
It does not mean I must devout myself unto you.

The night and the moon may hold many fears,
But you rise only to illuminate the darkness of mens souls.

Under the moon I am blissfully unaware
Of the stories you will tell!


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Latest Comments

  • 11 months ago

    by Meena Krish

    Interesting...i'm trying to get my head around
    this and I like how you have described the
    sun and the way she/ he peels away things
    from.others and the moon she settles you
    and soothes the hurt/damage done by another...

  • 1 year ago

    by CJ Maleney

    Don't read to much into this.

    It started with a simple thought.

    When you go to sleep you know nothing! When you wake there is always another terrible story to hear.

    Whether it be a car accident or something more catastrophic. Every morning there is something