All I Know

by AnnaCG   Mar 20, 2019

Spring crawls slowly forward,
Chasing away cold winter nights.
But all I can see is how you look at me,
Underneath these city lights.

Tangled up within this moment,
I'm somewhere lost in thought.
But all I can feel is something so real,
It must be worth a shot.

Fire away I'm an easy target,
Though I'll admit I'm terrified.
But all I can do is hope that it's true,
And push my fears aside.

As my heart beat starts to quicken,
Time does as well it seems.
But all I know by far is where we are,
Is the same as in my dreams.

Anna CG 2019


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  • 1 year ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Really well rhymed throughout. A pleasure to read.

  • Really enjoyed this piece and it didn't seem at all forced which is wonderful.
    The first stranza is my favourite gave me a real image just by the words "city lights.

    One bit didn't sound right to me but I think I will put that down to my strong British accent lol

    Thought and shot to me didn't read well to me it made me pause,but like I said I believe it's most likely my accent.

    Well penned.