Are you in a State of Flux?

by CRAFTY KEN   Apr 6, 2019

Are you in a State of Flux?

No,* Mein Schatz, you won’t find it on any of you’re world wide Maps. As we live our lives day by day, so many changes occur along the way, an electric bill, you must pay, the dog, needs a walk, your kid brings home, a cat stray.

You are not in the day dreamer zone, or out of luck, but, securely held in a normal State of Flux. It seems like the saying by someone named Murphy, when one big home utility breaks down, two other also will go, you’re out of luck, and, can’t pass the buck.

Some end up in the sorry State of misery, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, which turns out to be the Train. Don’t go that route, hit the chute, jump to the State of Grace, there, you will find ample space. An Angel will cater to you're heart's desire. Their special food, cake, will put a big smile on your face, and, leave you sleeping to a crackling wood fire.
*My friend, ducky, lovie. (German)

Author Ken
April 6, 2019


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