I know why love does not last

by Sive Klaas   Jun 8, 2019

Roses wither, roses die.
If flowers had enough light, if flowers had enough rain,
They’d blossom and not sigh
But the garden is lifeless and in vain.

If hearts didn’t grow old, if hearts didn’t feel cold
I swear, it would be springtime;
But it feels as though in winter, no light to cover from the cold
And red roses wither in the meantime.

But love, just like seasons, comes and go
It does not last, but feeds on lust.
If love is true, why it sees? Let me know.
For love is life, it falls to pieces and ceases.


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  • 11 months ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    Love is one of those connections we all crave. Like that red rose, we want it to always be perfect, but like all life it withers. I guess we need to enjoy life/ love while it lasts.
    Nice poem and rhyme.

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