by Tommy   Jun 13, 2019

Are changes good or bad we will never truly know some changes may be good for one person while some changes may be bad for another.while we all pray that all change is good we will never really know like a change in the wind or the expectations of a person while you grow or like the change in the tide as it moves along the coast line ever so slow. All you can do is hope that this change will be the best u ever had and to never leave u sad and second guessing what you have or had always planning towards the future and not reflecting on the past and all the hard times u went through .but just focusing on what changed in your life that made you push through and remember the heartache pain sorrow tears everything that went wrong to get you to this point where you can break through that wall and finish the rat race... changes is not good nor bad change is what we make it.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    I think your are absolutely right - there is no such thing as good or bad change - change is what you make of it. An interesting read with a nice positive message. Milly x