by (Linda) Leavers   Jun 13, 2019

I still feel like a child.

Maybe the universe isn’t so cruel,
it will figure this out for me.

Do I really have to?

Understanding, knowing,

absorbing the feeling of

I can’t.

You will.

I do.

It’s the do or die
on a Tuesday evening

when you don’t have any money left,
so you donate plasma to get by until the next pay.

It’s the babysitting someone else’s crotch fruit
because you need reciprocation.

The entire time the child(ren) drive you insane
and you make chicken nuggets,
you pull out the coloring books,
braid the hair,
swallow the

You do.


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  • 11 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    This completely reminded me of the saying, which can apply to so many situations, you keep going because you must. For yourself, for your family, for the universe. You just have to. There's an honesty, a selflessness presented in this write. It also made me think how others judge parents (in the store, out to eat) yet many may not know they are trying their best. I can't imagine that it must be chaos so much of the time, but it takes guts (it takes balls!)

    Thanks for sharing this, Linda <3

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