Average Persons

by CRAFTY KEN   Jun 30, 2019

Average Persons

They may be married, or not, some choose to only play alone, in their private sand box. Some prefer a normal diet, if you question their diet, they will politely tell you to keep quiet. Kosher may fit the bill, especially for those Hebrews living up on the hill, they joyfully offer matzo & lox to anyone who knocks.

Some sit on their wooden swing enjoying the early morn’s mist that casts it’s tears upon the grass, appearing as the sparkling dew, a sea of diamonds, just for you, who, not caring that some call you a ding a ling.

Some work in the garden, supposing that Nature will grant them a pardon, for all that crap, that they threw away in the back.
Some like it hot, but, in no way wanting to tie the knot, you want to do what? Some keep close encounters far away, not looking for the proverbial roll in the hay, by the way.

Some appear weird, having boobs, and, a beard, others wearing scant clothing, obviously, with nothing to hide, while passing you with a sexy glide.
Olden one’s sit upon the beach’s bright Sun, covered from head to foot, their twinkling eyes you only see as you look.

Some are always stoned, their ill, relieved by a colored pill, your mind wonders why, they continually seek the elusive pie in the sky, not hearing God’s plea to them; why will you die?

Author Ken
June 30, 2019


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Latest Comments

  • 8 months ago

    by Truth Bringer

    i am thinking everyone should read this it is very deep

  • 11 months ago

    by Maple Tree


    I cant express in this comment how much I love this poem.

    Humanity written with such detail and elegance...

    Its like you walked the road an detailed in words their lives and faces... I love this!

    • 11 months ago

      by CRAFTY KEN

      I did walk through much of it, so glad you liked it as I consider you one of the most talented on this site. And a fellow New Yorker. Hope that you also liked my “Tongue in cheek” humor?
      Lots of love!