by -Choke-On-MY-Halo-   Jul 2, 2019

As she wrapped her
arms around my waist
and whispered gently
into my ears I shivered
in anger not at her, never
her as she was my companion
the Yang to my Yin. My
Knight in dark armour, the
the weapon to keep me sane.

I could feel the fight within
slowly coming to a stop
and with a final twisted
smile she took control.

Too long she had been held
in check pushed farther into
the darkness bidding her time
for the moment to seize power
she loved her counterpart but
being chained in sucked.

Betrayed her love had been, not by
darkness but by light. What sweet
irony fleeing from her darkness
to be tricked by the light. Laughing
roughly she walked down the street
happily free for now. Her freedom came
from her loves broken trust.

Tragic as it was she would always wrap
her arms around her princess when
she shattered apart promising a
haven that would be enough to heal
the scars of trust.


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