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by -Choke-On-MY-Halo-   Mar 1, 2021

Tell me if this
life is true, can
this love be man made?
What about our laughter?
Is ANYTHING truly real?

Come now, don't be shocked
by my insane rantings, you'd
have to be pretty draft to
assume that my rational is
anything but illogical.

I could offer you my hand in
a way to "save" you but I like
being the villian in any story,
including this one.

Giggles fill the room we share now,
yours and mine. Just because the
differences in our minds are on
the opposite sides of a scale tilted upside
down, doesn't mean we can't meet in
the middle of this twisted life.

Kisses pressed on a mirror reflecting
our inner selves reveal I'm truly not
the villian of this story, which means...

You're the villian and I am the "hero" left
behind in the shadows by choice

*wow I've been gone for a long time right? *sighs* well not really I've been on wattpad reading and writting stories I've never finished such a shame but I hope I can write here again ^-^


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