An itch too far !

by CRAFTY KEN   Jul 31, 2019

An itch too far!

Why is it that you always seem to have an itch you cannot scratch ? It’s like a gremlins plot, try as you may, you just cannot reach that spot! You’re green with envy, watching the cat purr, while easily scratching her back with her hind feet, actually, that's pretty neat.

This day, after ending my beat, enduring Natures’ summer heat, my feet walk me to my local pub, a nice way to end up. I think this will lift me up, especially with a nice sup.

Suddenly, another sneak itch attack, you know where! My shirt was wet with sweat, glued to my back, two extra hands I did lack.

I breathed a big sigh of relief, as I saw my bar-maid friend ” sharp nails” coming my way. She knew what was on my mind, it wasn’t a roll in the hay, by the way!

She did her thing , while I had a fling total euphoria she pulled an Ace from the deck, if she was a witch , she gave me a Hex.

Now married, my wife gives me a great back – scratch, but, she has short nails !

Author Ken
July 31, 2019


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