Bones And Broken Dreams:

by Scott Cole   Sep 30, 2019

It was a deafening silence that
invaded the room as the last of her
screams found its escape through
the window,
defiant eyes looked out at the
silvery moon accusing it for its
eternal beauty.....She turned her
away from it, fearful of the
Dream that the moon tried to instill
in her frozen heart.
"No" her whisper was full of venom,
"Never again can you deceive me
with your silvery face", she tried
to stand but her legs did not yield
to her order and she clutched at
the broken chair, trying to steady
her, with painful steps she dragged
herself towards the door, an exit she
wanted from the room which had held
her prisoner for so long... As she put
forward her hand to unlock the door
she saw for the first time.... blood!
Crimson and shining were her fingers
stained with blood.....the blood of her
prince, that knight of her dreams, the
man turned monster
She looked back at the room, as
she stood in the doorway, (door was
unlocked) a body lay still with a
dagger at its side, the face she
wanted to see but it was turned
away and she was too tired, no not
frightened to go back and turn the
corpse just tired.....
And so she shut the door behind her,
blocking away the last sight of the
man as well as the moon.....
And now she groped her way out, finally
she did, out into the World once again....
Stood the Queen of Vengeance, her
throne in her heart....a graveyard of
bones and broken dreams......


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