It's Beautiful!

by CRAFTY KEN   Oct 26, 2019

It’s Beautiful!

B is for my bountiful life, It’s beautiful.
E is for my wonderful Education, clear peaceful thoughts, it’s beautiful.

A is for the awesome Universe, and the earth, it’s beautiful.
U is for the unity of my loved ones, family, and friends, it’s beautiful.

T is for the precious quiet times when ecstasy overflowed our fast beating heart’s, it’s beautiful.
I is for the independence I have, and for the freedom to share my opinion, within reason, it’s beautiful.

F is for the Faithfulness of my Creator, safe, and secure from all alarm, it’s beautifu.
U is for the unity that I share with my brother’s and sister’s all over the world, it’s beautiful.

L is for the Love of God, that is shed abroad in our heart’s, and loving the *unloveable, it’s beautiful.

*Jesus sought the unlovable, he proclaimed; I have come to SEEK, and SAVE, those who are lost, not the self righteous who bind with their man made Religion. Whom the Son has set free, is free indeed!

Author Ken
October 26, 2019


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