Disaster at Eleven

by Kitty Cat Lady   Dec 3, 2019

Caught somewhere in a place I can't reach,
Emotions engulf and conspire to harm,
A disastrous jumble of unannounced thoughts,
Confusingly heavy and causing alarm

Instinct drives regrettable action,
Experience warns me to hold fire and wait,
An unspoken fear drives fight or flight,
A deep buried wisdom says let it abate

And all the while you have no idea,
You're fine and blissfully unaware,
Crashing through life trailing turmoil and pain,
Clueless and happy without a care

I resist the urge to let impulse prevail,
Stop myself and count to ten,
Don't say the words on the tip of my tongue,
Try hard to avoid unnecessary mayhem

But I get to eleven and the words tumble out,
My truth speaks its name and makes itself known,
Now your damage and my damage combine and clash hard,
The inevitable happens and now I'm alone.


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