Thought I would try to "Wing it," just for fun

by CRAFTY KEN   Jan 13, 2020

Yeah, whatever pops into my mind, why are so many unkind as portrayed by the Press everyday, the Flu is the best example of no bias, by the way. Mankind is brought to it's knees by unseen critters that have no arms or legs, thier only enemy is the egg!

Never thought that putting out the Garbage cans may earn you a Degree, brown can, green can, gray can, god forbid if you put something in the wrong can, get this; you may use plastic bags to fill items for the green recycle can, but, you must empty those bags into the green can, and then put the plastic bags into the brown garbage can.

On pickup day, an Inspector actually checks the green can for any plastic bags, so far, we have earned an Associates Degree for properly filling the green can, I try to comply, not wanting to be mean.

The government seems to be invading more , and more of our privacy, I have drawn the line when it come to the toilet, ain't no way that I will use fig leaves versus good old thousand wipes, yipes!

In Paris when we were there one April, you get a shower with each use of the Public toilets, god forbid if you are in the facility when it totally locks down, and sanitizes with heat and steam, you may never be seen again, only a faint glow, like a moonbeam.

Glad to be home from freezing California, Carlsbad was always in the forties each morning, I wore my leather jacket all day long, freezing was my song. Glad to be back in Paradise, Southwest Florida, Naples has been breaking heat records, hitting 87 degrees or more, and that's by the sea shore.

All my bird friends were happy to see me again, squirrels too, when you feed them, they will never forget you. I hope I gave you some laughs to brighten your day, may your lemon, and honey in your afternoon tea, chase the Flu away, as you remember me.

Author Ken
January 13, 2020


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