iridescent dreams.

by hiraeth   Mar 21, 2020

love crescendos at three a.m. when thoughts of you
course through my pores – i dream of you, always.
every time I search for a new anchor to dive from,
the rope breaks and i ease into free fall only to snap
back into reality when i realize I was still anchored to
you. a bruised rib-cage tells a story of an impossible love;
my lungs ache for air not inundated with you.
to say i knew of a time before you, would be easy
but the same cannot be said for a life before you.
all the reasons we were supposed to thrive sprout
like wildflowers – but when spring comes with its
rosy breath, they decay. our roots never penetrated
past topsoil; i knew this with the kind of intimacy
you revisit often but never gave a passing thought
to birthing it into words. i'd venture to go as far as
saying familiarity kills – i know the words to y/our
songs by heart, i know how our waltz ends yet
i still sing y/our songs and dance our dance.
chained to old words, i try to break through
and fall into a pool of amber, unspooling
cobwebs to escape unsuccessfully.
i wake again – i dream of you, always.
love crescendos at three a.m ….


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  • 10 months ago

    by Hellon

    I really liked the rawness of you words and I could believe that it was indeed written at, a time when worries/stress/whatever generally finds us awake.

    Just a couple of lines had me stumbling :-

    pour through my pores – i dream of you, always. (I felt pour and pores didn't quite work so perhaps consider course or flow instead of pour?)

    every time I search for a new anchor to dive off of, (off of again found my tongue about from?)

    Anyway...still very worthy of my nomination...good luck :)

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