by Matt Carroll   Apr 21, 2020

Cast aside, like I am nothing, just another skyline piece in a puzzle
Pushed away, stepped around, a passerby in the daily bustle
Nevermind, there was a time, that you needed me on the daily
Little did I, realize, just how quickly you'd come to play me

Underestimated, overlooked, by your peers equally as hated
Forget about the fact that I picked you up everytime you were berated
I was there, without fail, even when others decided to bail
No matter the damage to my psyche, I gave it all to see you'd prevail

And just like that, washed your hands of me at the drop of a hat
No chance to defend myself, your mind was made up like that
Though an explanation wasn't owed, it sure would've been appreciated
Before the friendship that you and I had forged had become all but faded


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