Blurred Lines

by Kate   Apr 30, 2020

Orange city lights frame the dark road ahead
As I speed along the empty highway
Saddened screams fill my lungs
As my foot touches the floorboard
The world passing by in blurry lines
Only more distorted from the thick tears
That brim at the edge, threatening to spill over
How easy it would be to cut the wheel
To throw myself off the embankment
To wrap this car around a wooden light pole
So the pain wouldn’t reverberate in my chest
But would cease to exist altogether
I can do it I can do it I can do it
My knuckles burn white as my grip tightens
And I hold on to the wheel for dear life
It’s not until hot tears roll down my cheeks
That I let my foot off the gas until I stop
Allowing emotion to consume body and mind
As the screams and tears release
In a fit of rage deadlier than the seven seas


Cursing myself for not fully committing
I bottle up the depression that remains
And store it away behind my fragile rib cage
Until the monster begs to be released again


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  • 10 months ago

    by Milton

    I love the details of the orange lights and the world becoming more and more blurry and distorted as you hold all of that pain inside and it just gets worse and worse. The hot cheeks of the tears really captured the moment that you're feeling here as everything begins to overtake you. You think about hurting yourself as your knuckles tighten and whiten but then you can't do it. But at the same you realize that all of this will just happen all over again. It really captures the heart's feeling of sadness and frustration. I know that feeling way too well. I hope you're okay. I love your poems! =)

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