by Kate   Dec 26, 2019

The word tattooed on my skin
A reminder of how naive I can be
How often I let myself trust others
When they let me down so easily

A reminder to myself to not love
I do not do it often, no
But it is always laced with secrecy
And all logic in my mind goes

I give and give with nothing in return
Til all I’ve got has been given
Until my misplaced happiness disappears
And I’m back to the darkness I live in

I’ve tried to rework the meaning
To make it positive inside my head
Full of only love, I say
But the ink’s lightened by tears I’ve shed

A permanent mark on my skin
A daily reminder to protect myself
And not let the unworthy in


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  • 1 year ago

    by Milton

    I love it. I know what it's like to just keep pressing on and then when you think you've found something, it's not what you hoped or what it seems or it's something so ridiculous you just have no one to blame but yourself. Take care!

  • 2 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Wow, this jumped out to me the most - "Full of only love, I say".
    That is so touching and emotional that you try to make it into a positive, re-defining it.

    I hate that we as humans can give and give and no one notices that light, that light that is disappearing. So eventually we are back to the darkness you mention, because we need others to fill us too. To honor us and listen to us and understand we are worthy, too. We are not just vessels to be used and discarded.

    Always love reading your work, it's heartfelt.

    • 2 years ago

      by Kate

      Thank you! This was probably the hardest to write but it definitely helped ease away the negative feelings that surround the tattoo. Tried to shed new light on it.

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