A Note

by Gracy Judith   Sep 2, 2020

I write notes
embellish days with sentences
and list choices in single words—
oscillating between
tick, untick, tick, untick, tick...
life is sunny patches where shadows love to perch
and we, like delicate rain, are tilted by sudden winds
and bent into plummeting.
there is pain in the falling
scars live as lessons
and mistakes stand tall, as regret,
on the podium of do-not-forget.
I revert to my stack of littles
Hoping…smaller wounds hurt less.
and smaller problems weigh less.
I start to think in terms of weight
I have never carried anything way too heavy
but have carried the enormous guilt
of wrong-footed love
it weighed a ton upon the heart
and naivety held it
in a way two lovers hold each other.
I sailed double the distance
warring troubled waters
before I lost my oars and boat.
I write a note on that too
and tag it void
it never happened

©Gracy Judith


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