100 Tattoos

by Maple Tree   Oct 12, 2020

When we were young, as new lovers often are;
experiencing firsts was innocent, new and inviting.

My mind couldn't comprehend you leaving
because this heart of mine was dedicated to
loving only you- after you left me for something
better, the unconditional bond was still present.

I only knew safety when we were alone together within nature.

Years traveled on with a backpack of memories and I never forgot;
but I moved on alone, without you.

That twenty year void in the dark
was eye opening and I never loved again,
until New York kissed my broken heart.

100 Tattoos later, you came back for me
killing your reputation along with a soul
that was tainted by bad choices with ghosts
who you thought were me.

I remain dedicated to loving you
but only from a distance, because
you continue to keep those emotions
sealed tight within your music and
I prefer to share ballads with my lover.

I dont wish you harm,
and you should smile more
but our embrace has died
along with concerts from the past,

and even though it still makes you uncomfortable
when I share the truth with you,
you cant stop me from burying it
within poetry; along with our love.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 month ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Oh, Maple! This is beyond poetic and there's so much pain, but also growth, in this. From the safety of being together in nature, to loving from a distance and how time moves us along as well... and realizing the importance and beauty of sharing your truth, that it cannot be silenced.... some heart-breaking lines but as always, you have wisdom in this, and I'm always touched by your vulnerability in these verses.

    Only thing, I believe "burring" in the second to last line should be "burying"

  • 1 month ago

    by Brenda

    Love, love, love this piece Andrea!