A Rich Man With A Poor Heart

by Walter   Jan 13, 2021

A glass is for aged red wine, it's my favourite drink
A plate is for smoked salmon, still left slightly pink
Keys are for my sports car, which I love to drive
My Reeboks are for jogging with and make me want to strive

A window's for ocean views, I watch every night
And my Ray-ban's for the sunsets, so it's not too bright
My iPhone 12 to keep in touch, so I don't miss a call
The gym where I work out, below in basement floor

You might think I have it all and buy what I want
I can dine exotically, in fancy restaurants
Though one thing I yearn the most, I cannot afford
My money doesn't impress you and is just ignored

I will gladly trade it all, for whatever I might lack
If you would only notice me, I won't fall through the cracks
Although this is where I find myself, as I watch above
And the painful lesson that I learnt...that money can't buy love


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