Well, Mr. Cloud ( NaPoWriMo 2021, Day 5)

by Everlasting   Apr 5, 2021

as per the radar in my eyes
i’ll wear a rain coat and rainy boots
So shoot, spit the truth,
i brought my umbrella and a change
of spare clothes

i know. i know
i have heard your thunderous cries at night
the entire neighborhood has been
pulverized out off sleep with all the lighting
you have been striking

trees have been uprooted by squalls
trying to blow you away
far far away from this earthly town

now you have become so maddening dark,
i miss when you used to be
so fluffy and puffy of a delight
a whitening cumulous cloud
so light
always daydreaming, floating
in the sky

so shoot me or strike me with your lighting,
i hear you loud and clear
no wind will move me as much
as you have had

i feel you
i feel you

shower me with your truth
rain on me, come on,
rain on me

if you do, believe me

i, for sure, will know tomorrow’s forecast


Challenge posted by: Star

Day 5 prompt: tomorrow's forecast.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 week ago

    by hiraeth

    nominated. i'm so glad you took up this challenge!

  • 1 week ago

    by Star

    I actually agree, you reallyyyyy are knocking these prompts out of the park!!!
    You write with so much ease, it’s sooo good to read. I’m really glad you joined the NaPoWriMo ^_^

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