But Compared To...

by Walter   Apr 17, 2021

The young boy of five
On his birthday
But only a sad face
He would display

Begging for a present
He did not receive
Now feeling sorrow
Turning to grieve

But compared to a girl
Now in high school
She's crying tears
Because life is so cruel

She has no friends
And is never at ease
Just an outcast
Who's constantly teased

But compared to a mother
Who's just a teen
Life isn't fair
It's cruel and it's mean

Raising a child
All on her own
Surviving on welfare
Cuts to the bone

But compared to the man
Who's turned twenty-one
His life is amazing
And so much fun

A brand-new sports car
On a wing and a prayer
Total loss of control
Now in a wheel chair

But compared to the husband
Who just lost his wife
With no idea
Of the state of her life

His marriage was perfect
And filled with pride
But he still has no answer
For her suicide

Yes, life seems unfair
I'm sure you'll agree
When one day we'll face
Our own tragedy

But no matter the pain
Or sorrow we're immersed
There will always be someone
Who's feeling so much worse


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