by Hellon   Jul 5, 2021

The pavement their pitch
a busker and an addict,
I have one dollar.

@Hellon 5th July 2021


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  • 2 years ago

    by Rab

    In the name o Christ Agg.....did ye run o ink ?

  • 3 years ago

    by Maher

    Love this. I have huge respect for street performers. It's really upsetting when police tell them to move on sometimes though, especially when there's a crowd that obviously loves what they're putting out there. I've even jumped in and joined them sometimes for a quick jam. I love how happy they get when the crowd interacts with them and people actually sit there and speak with them and learn their story rather than just throw in some money out of pity and keep walking.

    There are some great bands that come from Newcastle, about 3hrs North of Sydney - most of them in high school. They all did that kind of thing. Silverchair for example. I work at a battle of the bands for schools called Youthrock as a volunteer and we hold it every year. It's a competition that the deputy principal of the highschool I went to made from scratch - he organises it all and gets them prizes like studio recording time at Sony BMG and Sunshine Studios, gets them opening gigs for bigger bands like Powderfinger and Thirsty Merc, even venue bookings for live gigs. Some of these kids are just phenomenally talented and own the stage, or wherever it is they perform. Amazing stuff :)

  • 3 years ago

    by Maple Tree

    I adore street performers, they are unique and have strength... I always support them, as I do addicts... my reason being, I support my daughter and along with my daughter comes her illnesses. I do not judge, both the street performer and the addict have a momma somewhere, hoping you would help their child. I would give each 50 cents. This world needs to be supportive of both...Hellon this poem touched me beyond words.

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