A Mess

by Obscure   Nov 15, 2021

I am broken
I know this fact quite well
But I see no escape
and I don't know who I could tell

I hate to be a burden
So I can't say all I feel
You're dealing with enough yourself
And my hurt's not so real

A part of me wants comfort
Or a way to release pain
Well, one that's less destructive
And produces much less shame

The bigger part wants anguish
Simple payment for behavior
I know I messed things up so bad
No one should be my savior

I want you to give up on me
And turn your face away
I'd like to lack in reasons
To remain here anyways

Please hate me with the passion
Which I feel that I deserve
Accuse me of the faults I have
The many you've observed

See I'm a bit like Midas
But I don't turn things to gold
The things I touch, they all decay
Just watch, it's as I told

Death seems good retribution
For the crap I've put you through
I gave this living thing a shot
But that's all I will do

Please wrap me up in plastic now
And throw my shards away
I'm too fragmented to be kept
I'll never be okay

© 2021

I wanted to clarify that I'm not planning to die or anything, I wrote this poem to release some feelings.


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  • 3 weeks ago

    by Star

    Then I hope writing this helped at least a little, also no hurt is not real.

    Take care :)

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