by Obscure   Jan 6, 2022

You fluttered, silk and black
Green shimmering across your wings
Like meadows, empty of their sheep
So fragile, thin and full of air

"I do not know the future," you murmured
And I heard sorrow, wet as ink
Sliding down the outstretched black
"You do not either, nor can you"

I feel the emptiness again
Hands reaching out for walls,
I am too weak to guard myself
And blindness scares me

Shadows coil around my throat
"You cannot be certain, stop searching"
Why must I reside in darkness?
This monster, cursed to never trust

I know there cannot be an answer
You leave me empty and unsure
Your wings beat gently, rising
Poe had his raven, I have you

- © Obscure 2022


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  • 1 week ago

    by enigmatic_prey

    "Poe had his raven, I have you"

    That struck me hard. Wonderful.

  • 2 weeks ago

    by hiraeth

    Really powerful imagery, and I love the ending. Well done!

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