If you Were a River, Poetry

by Everlasting   May 20, 2022


If you were a river, I’d like to immerse in your waters.
I’d like for your currents to lead me towards my destination.

It doesn’t matter if in the process I were to gasp for air.
I’m not a diver. I’m not a swimmer.


I’m just a human.


If you were a river,
Let your waters teach me how to survive in you.
I’d like to learn how to come afloat in turbulent weathers.
I’d like to learn how to dodge the boulders I may encounter in the journey.
I’d like to learn where you begin and where you end,
if not, at least,
I’d like to know if you are more like an ouroboros,
a river swallowing itself,
Or if you evaporate at some point in the journey.


If you were a river, I’d like to immerse in your waters

without a second thought


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  • 1 month ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    I love how you speak directly to poetry and even invoke its name throughout the poem. Like poetry is an essence, something that holds so much but is intimate and personal with us at the same time. My only critique, and it's simply a preference, is that I think it would sound better as "I'd like to learn". I think the "l" is too much in "I'll" right next to "like" and doesn't flow as well. I kind of interpreted this whole piece as a spiritual awakening within yourself. Perhaps letting yourself feel, speaking to your soul and giving yourself permission to share and not hold back any and all emotion. My favorite line was when you stated you are not a diver or a swimmer but only human. It also highlighted the flaws in poetry, that we are not always going to come out on top, and the vulnerabilities may overwhelm and burden us... but we share what we can, even if it doesn't have the best form or shape or rhythm. We breathe. We write. We try to keep our head above waters.

    Lovely read!

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