They'll Never Let Me Into Heaven

by Michael D Nalley   Sep 12, 2004

They'll never let me into heaven, to them doesn't matter how I pray
Heard the man every word he said, you know, he may have lead me astray
I bare my sin unto the whole world, and in the end I'm the one who'll pay
They'll never let me into heaven, do you understand me, when I say,

They'll never let me into heaven, because I will only make it rain
With the misery of confusion, swirling around in my troubled brain
I'd really like to go there though, if I did not have to bring my pain
They'll never let me into heaven, they will only ask me to explain

They'll never let me into heaven. they won't if they want their peace of mind
I really searched so hard for the truth. I know I can't learn it from the blind
When they got their own backs to the sun, how can they see the truth from behind?
When we are walking down the wrong road, the truth really is so hard to find

Maybe I could sneak into heaven, slip in, in the darkness of the night
With all of those clouds out of the way maybe I could truly see the light
Then everyone would not judge me, seeing me without their cloudy sight
They'll never let me into heaven, because they do not think I am right

They'll never let me into heaven because I will not sing that old song,
Of all the self-righteous hypocrites, the ones who do not know right from wrong
You know they've been calling what is hate, the love of neighbor for way too long
They think heaven is for the mighty, not for the weak ones, but for the strong

They'll never let me into heaven because I will never understand
Why the man sold the only true King, to the false earthly kings of the land
They're not interested in the truth, and they just want to make a demand
For those thirty pieces of silver, they say you and I can hold His hand

They'll never let me in their heaven. I may not want to go there anyway
You know it might not be the heaven, of the One Who taught us how to pray,
The One, Who told us we should forgive, all of our trespassers everyday
Lord, please have mercy on all of us, Lord when You come on that judgement day


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by yogi73

    The whole poem is great and the end really brings it all together nicely! great read!

  • 12 years ago

    by Brittney Follett

    This poem had a lot of emotion in it for me. The desperation, saddness, hopelessness... but then also the acknowledgement, acceptance. My favorite line was:
    They'll never let me into heaven, because I will only make it rain

  • 12 years ago

    by H. Elizabeth

    Ohh...I really like this one =D
    It have great rhyming and I just love it so much =D
    It sorta reminded me of a song. It was just amazing.


  • 13 years ago

    by Courtney Hough

    The last line is the best great poem it deserves nothing less then a 5

  • 13 years ago

    by victoria

    "They'll never let me into heaven, because I will only make it rain.."
    I love this. You did an absolutly amazing write. Ive alwaysed believed in heaven and hell...tho in my eyes...its your creation. I never believed in "one" image of it. This poem was really touching. keep it up.


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