by Jenn   Nov 15, 2004

You don't know me!
why can't you all just see;
i want to be left alone,
to be left at peace everywhere and at home.
you can never hear my silent cries,
so how can you say you understand, its nothing but your sick pitiful lies!
if you want to help me;
then just let me be!
i loose myself inside my mind,
for my emotions you'll never find.
I'm sick of being here,
I'm surrounded by all my fears.
All your words are slowly killing me;
nothing anymore is what it seems.
I'm lost in a world i don't understand,
and no i don't want your helping hand!!!
My body and mind are slowly falling apart;
I've got a few more beats left in my heart.
I don't want this pain to go on anymore,
my time is up; my soul set free for heaven it will soar!

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