Broken Fairy Tale

by Manda   Jan 12, 2005

Another dreadful day,
Where the pain just wouldn't fade,
And I couldn't wait to get home,
So I could find my blade.

Blade only a tear drop away,
It's clenched between my fist,
As I wonder why I am me,
And what it is I've missed?

The pain seeps out,
Through the new slice,
I asked my friends for help today,
But they had no new advice.

They say, "Stop",
And they tell me to, "Quit",
My friends are always concerned,
And always throwing fits.

It's like living in a nightmare,
A broken fairy tale,
And every time I try to make things right,
I can only fail.

Blood squirt from the wounds,
It's the color of my pain,
People say I'm crazy,
That I'm going insane.

One way to get over it,
To put aside the misery,
Is to slice my skin so deep,
That I can't even see.

I don't feel the blade,
As it digs deep into my skin,
This in an eternal pain,
That will never end.

Forever I will be lost,
And oh-so-confused,
Never known to be loved,
Only to be used.

Many tears will come to be,
Because so many I've already cried,
Wishing I were dead,
That I wasn't alive.

I walk as if a zombie,
Living as if I'm not real,
Not showing any emotions,
Or letting on what I feel.

I could always get help,
Or make some "friends",
But none of it really matters,
At least not in the end.

There is still those dark Poems,
And my deep depression,
I'm not sure I could tell any friend,
Not sure I'd make that confession.

Many dreams have shattered,
Right in my face,
There is no where to fit in,
Never such a place.

Broken love,
And many broken hearts,
So many times I've been toyed with,
And my heart ripped apart.

Sometimes I can't bear it,
How much I ache,
And I wonder what I do right,
Or if everything is just a mistake?

My life's a broken fairy tale,
One that I live every day,
And I cannot repair it,
No matter what I do or say.


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by Samantha Jayneee

    hm. easy to relate to and overal brill.
    loved it... maybe look at some of my work? i wrote one about a fairy tale too, although it is alot different to yours.
    stay safe,
    sam xxx

  • 15 years ago

    by BrokenMisery

    amsomly written... ive been through that exact situation myself. keep writting! you have heaps of talent!

  • 15 years ago

    by CareBear

    Datz a sick poem, itz really really really really good :) keep up the GREAT work...chek out sum of mah work if ya pressure lol!!
    Love aLwayz CaRz xoxox