Remember, Best friends forever?

by Christina Gomes   Feb 20, 2005

~Please read it, even though its long because this poem is really important, and it means a lot to me...and it's one of the first poems i've posted that mean a great deal to me...because this poem, every word is true and has meaning ty~

You were a great friend
I'm not going to lie
We were good together
No need for a reason why

Remember best friends?
Or even friends for that matter
But now it's like our friendship is glass
That just happened to shatter

The worst part is
I know the reason why
And when i think about it
I just fall apart and cry

Because the reason isn't fair
It's just so goddamn wrong
You broke our promise
And it didn't take you long

Remember, "No guy is good enough"
Remember, "Best Friends Forever"
It was supposed to be that way
It was me and you together

But now, we drifted so very far
Losing each other, we drifted apart
Things are so wrong now
Like we weren't even friends from the start

Did you forget
How we cried over that one boy
And how i was there for you
When he treated you like a toy

Remember the stories
And how we cried about life
Thinking it was all hell
Nothing but strife

Don't you remember
All the good times we had
There to be strong for the other
And make us smile when we were sad

I know you still care
And i know you want it back
But i just can't do that
I'm sorry but this friendship you'll lack

I don't want to be mean
But the reason was too much
And in the end you lost me
But you also lost his touch

If you have forgotten
You put me under a guy
You let go of our friendship
You didn't even try

Did you forget
How you used to always ditch me
How he was more important
Even though it was the friendship that should be

But you see I couldn't stand it
You put a guy above
Above a friendship that was so sacred
Something that went far beyond love

And when i started moving on
That got you mad
I had made friends
So i wasn't so sad

But then it ended
Ended for you two
You also lost a best friend
And there was nobody for you

I know i could've been there
But i didn't seem to go
That's what you deserved
And i just wanted you to know

Because I was left alone
When I really needed someone
Because you weren't there
You were just having fun

And now you're alone
With nobody by your side
This is how i felt
It's what i kept inside

But i have to say thank you
For you made me realize a lot
That friends are very special
And that i'll always keep at thought

Because now even though you don't like it
I cherish all my friends at heart
My new best friends are great
And i realize it, because you had fallen apart

I just don't get how
You seem to come back again
To try and take my hand
To make things like they were then

But i'm sorry i just won't accept it
If you'd treat me that way
I'm sorry but its not worth the trouble
So now its my turn to walk away

~~Please rate and comment, because when i was writing this i was almost crying, because it did happen to me, and it's just that poem holds all my emotions from that thank you~~

© Copyright Christina Gomes 2005


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Latest Comments

  • 6 years ago

    by Claire Morris

    This is really nice.

  • 13 years ago

    by byeboyinc123

    I know this is old and all but..
    I almost experienced this with one of my bestfriends
    never let a boy take over a friendship that was suppose to last 4ever

  • 14 years ago

    by I love you always and today

    OMG i love that poem and its true i walk away from my friends but only cause i hate getting in trouble not cause they ignore me lol 5/5

  • 14 years ago

    by Nicole

    Hey... i loved the poem... great work... n i guess i can say i know what youve gone thru coz i've been there too.

  • 14 years ago

    by Kristi White

    This is something im sure everybody can relate to. good job putting it into words for them :)

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