Imaginary Mind

by Andrea   Jul 6, 2005

Trapped in the darkness.
There is no way out.
Begging and screaming,
No one hears me shout.

The walls are glass,
Echoing my useless cries.
The floor drenches in blood
That matches my crimson eyes.

No paper. No pen.
Nothing to pour out my soul.
Pressure and fear strengthens,
While I am losing control.

Shaking from arising evil,
I become numb.
No one can help me now
Because it’s already begun.

Slashes of painful art
Appear along my delicate wrist.
A mixture of pleasure and pain
Do not prepare me for this twist.

Outside these glass walls,
Life carries on the same.
But no one notices my
Insanity becoming untamed.

I try to speak but
Only silent words come.
Still trapped in this darkness
And my body still numb.

No one dares to believe.
So me they will not find.
Maybe this is cruel reality
Or just my imaginary mind.


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Reapers ZeitGeiSt

    Great one!well done ;) 5/5

  • 13 years ago

    by Unrequited

    Andrea! Do you remember me? You used to read all my stuff!! I missed hearing from you. It's been like, forever. I worried that something had happened to you, cause things weren't going so well for you. I still checked your profile once in a while to see if you were on at all... now I see you actually are!! Thank God, that's a relief to me. I'm glad you are well, and I really hope I can hear from you soon.


  • 13 years ago

    by Solace

    Hey Andrea, it's good to see you're alright and are doing well. Thank you for all your comments they really mean a lot to me. On the flip side I've been doing pretty good. I have no room to complain. I'm losing the will to write it just hasn't really helped like it use to. But that's pretty much it. I hope to see your new poem soon.

    Keep in touch, and take care.



  • 14 years ago

    by BlueDreams

    Andrea, sorry it been long time i did not visit nor reading your poem, howdy hun....maybe you still remember me maybe no....and all i know is poet come poet go, this i've see many time before, anyway, a beautiful penned you've try to potray here with you good imagination yet creative written, brilliant, well done!

    best wishes from west, bert.

  • 14 years ago

    by Gracie Jo

    Hey Andrea! =] Thank you for all of the comments. Life has been going pretty swell for me lately, what about yourself? I finally have a great boyfriend and I honestly think he's the one. I've never felt this way before. And my parents tend to agree with me, which helps the entire situation. We're taking things as slow as possible though... because we don't wanna get sick of each other and all that junk. =P Everything else is going really well. I couldn't bring myself to write for awhile. It seemed like everytime I tried each poem turned out horrible. I guess it's just easier to write when I'm happy? lol. Anyway, I look forward to reading more poems from you in the future. Glad you're back. Take care, sweetheart!